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Community Spotlight: Winter GameFest 2020

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Welcome to the CollegeWear, Inc. Community Spotlight series! Our mission at CollegeWear, Inc. is to not only provide quality custom products, but to help celebrate the communities we serve. From major events occuring in our hometown of San Diego, to small college clubs just starting out, we want to highlight some of the fantastic groups and events we’ve had the pleasure of serving.

This year, Sixth College Technology Committee at UC San Diego just celebrated its 15th annual Winter GameFest from January 11th-12th, 2020.

Attendees browsing the raffle prizes table | Copyright © Michelle Mkhlian

15 Years of Gaming Tradition

Winter GameFest is an annual video game and Esports event that takes place every Winter Quarter at UC San Diego. Founded in 2005, the event began a small gathering of gamers at the university. Fast forward 15 years, it has grown to be one of the largest student-run gaming events on the West Coast, with attendee numbers up in the thousands.

This free event celebrates everything and anything in gaming culture and tradition, bringing together the gaming and non-gaming community across the campus and the San Diego region as a whole. The event is well-known to host a wide variety of gaming tournaments, from games such as Overwatch, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, and League of Legends each tournament featuring large cash prizes. On top of that, attendees can enjoy classic arcade machines, live music performances, raffles, game demos, artist alleys, cosplay contests, and more!

Sixth College Technology Committee members posing with this year's shirt | Copyright © Miguel Garcia

The Iconic Back-Shield Shirt

CollegeWear, Inc., has had the opportunity to work with Sixth College Technology Committee multiple times in the past, and this year was no different. CollegeWear, Inc. this year had printed over 140 shirts for the event, to be used for staff, volunteers, and attendee giveaways.

Throughout the years working with the committee, the design of the shirt we help them print has gone through many iterations, both major and minor. From basic logo and layout changes, to new colors, one thing that has stayed consistent with the design of the shirt was its iconic shield illustration on the back. The design, which acts as a secondary logo to the event, features various gaming-related iconography on a shield - akin to the Hogwarts logo. Last year, the design was altered to feature a raccoon clinging on the back of it, which represents the organization’s “unofficial” mascot. The shirts are color coded to represent the different roles in the organization, such as pink for the director, teal for assistant director, blue for tournament organizers, and black for volunteers.

Super Tonic performing live video game music covers | Copyright © Michelle Mkhlian

A Weekend Full of Fun

This year, Winter GameFest 2020 had plenty in store for the gaming community across UC San Diego and the Southern California region as a whole! Returning sponsor iBUYPOWER made their presence known at the event by supplying a myriad of professional gaming PCs for both free-play and tourney go-ers. Meanwhile, a brand new sponsor, Jackbox Games, made their debut at the event by gifting free gaming codes for their products at the various Jackbox Party Pack mini-tournaments held throughout the weekend.

Competition was fierce across their many games. Alongside UC San Diego’s very own students competing, students from other universities had traveled down to the event to represent their school in the tournaments as well, including UC Irvine and San Diego State University. Additionally, the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tourney broke records, being the largest-attended tourney both at the event, and in the game’s history at the university.

Other new attractions that were featured this year was the video game cover band Super Tonic, which performed jazzy renditions of both modern and classic video game tunes. Alongside that, attendees had the opportunity to take a trip down memory lane and play classic-era video games in their retro free-play area, with access to games from the Nintendo 64 to the Sega Genesis.

By The Community, For the Community

Sixth College Technology Committee | Copyright © Michelle Mkhlian

This year’s Winter GameFest marks an iconic achievement for the organization being its 15th year running, it shows how remarkably dedicated the gaming community can be. It continues to stand as a staple to the San Diego gaming community, as it allows every kind of gamer and gaming fan of all kinds to come together and celebrate their favorite pastime.

Big thank you to the Sixth College Technology Committee for another amazing event, and for allowing CollegeWear, Inc. to provide custom shirts for this awesome community!

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