A fun way to get your students involved is to hold a shirt design contest! It’s an easy way to get a shirt design created for your next project. Here are a few tips on how to run a flawless contest.

Tip #1: Have a solid start and end date.

Having a specific run time for your contest creates a sense of urgency and will put it in the forefront of the participant’s minds. This will enable you to also have enough time to plan and execute printing the shirts after the contest is over.

Tip #2: Give clear and specific directions.

Let participants know what shirt color you’ll be printing on, if there’s a limit to the number of colors they can use, and how big they can make the design! Not all companies can print huge oversized designs that cover the whole shirt and it’s also a very pricey option that may not be ideal for group t-shirt orders.

Tip #3: Prepare a prize
This may seem obvious for a contest but make sure that the winner gets a decent prize! It could be something as simple as recognition on the website and a free shirt.