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May 18, 2020 | By collegewearinc

5 Design Ideas For Your Custom Graduation Stole or Sash

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Not sure how to design your custom graduation stole or sash for your club, department, sorority or even yourself? We’ve got you covered. Here are 5 design ideas for your custom graduation stole or sash, for every kind of college or high school group!

Medical Custom Graduation Stole or Sash Ideas

custom medical graduation stole or sash

In our Stole Design App, we have plenty of built-in symbols to choose from in the medical fields, including the RN symbol, caduceus, and Aesculapius. Of course, feel free to also use your school's or department's logos instead.

Suggested color(s): Green body, white trim (Why?)

Suggested addition(s): Medical symbols


Greek Life Custom Stole Ideas

custom fraternity or sorority graduation stole or sash

Our Stole Design App lets you easily incorporate your fraternity stole or sorority stole Greek Letters, crest, and even chapter onto the stole. If you want, you can change the orientation of the Greek letters as well. You can also take your design a step further and incorporate any custom lettering by importing them as a logo instead. Try it out - we created this custom graduation stole or sash design tool with you in mind. 

Suggested color(s): Your fraternity’s/sorority’s main colors

Suggested addition(s): Your Greek letters, crest, and/or chapter


Cultural/Country of Origin Custom Sash Ideas

custom cultural graduation stole or sash

Whether you want to represent your identity, studied abroad, or you are a part of a cultural-based organization, we offer many types of cultural and flag stoles, as well as flag patches, to help you represent your heritage at graduation. You can even include characters from different languages.

Suggested stole type: Any cultural stole or flag stole related to your organization

Suggested addition(s): Flag patches (if you prefer a satin stole)


Student Government/Leadership Custom Stole or Sash Ideas

student leadership sash

Being a student leader or advocating for the needs of students can be challenging - so don’t make designing your graduation stole any harder than that! If you want to include text for your position, we recommend having vertically oriented, in order for it to be more visible.

Suggested color(s): Your school’s/organization’s colors

Suggested addition(s): Your position, your organization’s logo


Dedications/Awareness Custom Graduation Sash Ideas

custom dedication/awareness stole or sash

One of the new things we’ve added to our Stole Design App is the ability to add dedication and awareness ribbons embroidered anywhere on the stole. They come in a variety of colors, and are a great way to spread awareness or dedicate your achievements to a loved one.

Suggested addition(s): Awareness ribbons



Share Your Designs!

Feel free to copy and modify any of the designs you see above, and get started with your design using our Stole Design App today! With literally thousands of possible combinations at your fingertips, you can design the stole of your dreams!

Want to share your designs with us before you buy? Tag us on social media at #CollegeWearInc! We want to see what your dream graduation stole looks like, whether it is for your club, your major, or just for yourself!

Need some help with your custom design, or ordering your stole or sash? Our team of graduation stole design experts are available for design advice and tips. Reach out to us at with your inquiry today!

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