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February 16, 2023 | By cwmarketing

Celebrating Cultural Heritage: The Significance of Kente Graduation Stole

What They Represent and How To Personalize Your Own

The rich history and significance of Kente fabric, and Kente graduation stoles continues to gain attention and appreciation around the world as more students graduating from higher education institutions look to embrace and represent their cultural heritage. Let’s learn more about Kente graduation stoles, its rich cultural history, and how you can create your own custom kente graduation stole for your upcoming graduation.

Did You Know?

  1. Kente translates to “handwoven cloth” in the Twi language spoken primarily in Ghana, Africa. 
  2. The birthplace of Kente has connections to the well-known African myth of the Ananse the Spider, a trickster figure found in many folklore stores throughout West Africa, the U.S., and the West Indies. 
  3. As a rich textile, each color of the woven kente fabric holds its own significance. Gold represents status and serenity, green represents renewal, red represents passion and black represents union with ancestors/spiritual awareness. 

5 Ways to personalize Your Kente Graduation Stole

  1. Highlight club Membership and leadership positions you held
  2. Add meaningful verses from religious texts, proverbs or affirmations
  3. Add your school or organization logo
  4. Thank those who supported you through your educational journey such as a parent or mentor
  5. Add a flag patch to represent your heritage or places of significance in your life

How to Wear Your Kente Graduation Stole

Kente stoles or sashes are typically worn draped over the shoulders. They are usually worn on top of the graduates gown for commencement ceremonies, however many students wear their kente stole during graduation photoshoots with or without the traditional graduation gown. For more information on how to wear graduation regalia, including Kente stoles check out our blog post.

What Makes CollegeWear, Inc’s Kente Graduation Stoles Unique

CollegeWear, Inc. allows students to create custom personalized graduation stoles that represent who they are. Our stoles are made of high quality fabric to ensure you have a keepsake that lasts a lifetime.  Custom embroidery lets you turn kente graduation stole into a blank canvas that you can use to tell your own story. Ready to create your own custom kente stole? Visit our stole design app today!