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February 24, 2023 | By cwmarketing

Celebrating Cultural Heritage: The Significance of Serape Graduation Stole

What They Represent and How To Personalize Your Own

The serape (or sometimes referred to as sarape, zarape, and saltillos) graduation stole has only continued to grow in attention and awareness across the world, as we continue to see more students who identify with its culture graduating from higher education institutions. Learn more about how Serape graduation stoles came to be, its interesting and rich history over time, and how you can create your own custom serape graduation stole for your upcoming graduation.

Did You Know?

  1. “Serape” commonly refers to the traditional striped weave pattern that makes up many products that use serape fabric, including blankets, ponchos, and graduation stoles. 
  2. There is no know definitive origin of the serape fabric, though it’s commonly stated to have either originated from the indigenous Chichmecs people in Coahuila, which is in north east Mexico. Others have speculated it originating from the Aztec tilma, a type of poncho. 
  3. In Mexico, the serape become an icon in the 1910s as a symbol of pride, national liberty, and its struggle for liberty and democracy. The designs would originally be woven by hand, until the introduction of the pedal loom.

5 Ways to personalize Your Serape Graduation Stole

  1. Highlight club Membership and leadership positions you held
  2. Add meaningful verses from religious texts, proverbs or affirmations
  3. Add your school or organization logo
  4. Thank those who supported you through your educational journey such as a parent or mentor
  5. Add a flag patch to represent your heritage or places of significance in your life

How to Wear Your Serape Graduation Stole

Serape stoles or sashes are typically worn draped over the shoulders. They are usually worn on top of the graduates gown for commencement ceremonies, however many students wear their Serape stole during graduation photoshoots with or without the traditional graduation gown. For more information on how to wear graduation regalia, including Serape stoles check out our blog post.

What Makes CollegeWear, Inc’s Serape Graduation Stoles Unique

CollegeWear, Inc. allows students to create custom personalized graduation stoles that represent who they are. Our stoles are made of high quality fabric to ensure you have a keepsake that lasts a lifetime.  Custom embroidery lets you turn Serape graduation stole into a blank canvas that you can use to tell your own story. Ready to create your own custom Serape stole? Visit our stole design app today!