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September 28, 2018 | By collegewearinc

Orientation Swag Bag Ideas for 2018

Orientation is a major event for incoming students and the staff organizing them and is an opportunity to create lasting memories. Why not make your orientation programs and events that much more memorable by handing out a swag bag of awesome giveaways that make a huge impression on your new students (and that they won’t toss afterward)! After all, giveaways are physical representations of school pride, and everyone loves gifts! Here are some of our favorite products to put in college orientation swag bags!

  1. Notebooks - A back to school classic, you can never have too many notebooks!
  2. Water Bottles - The discrete way to encourage students to drink more water! We’re sure parents will approve of this one too.
  3. Sunglasses - Send your students to class in style with cool branded sunnies.
  4. Flash Drives - A new back to school staple, flash drives are a great reusable giveaway that students can use well after they graduate.
Want more ideas? Browse our awesome selection of customizable products and create a swag bag they’ll be talking about for the next four years!