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January 22, 2021 | By collegewearinc

We’re CollegeWear, Inc., Nice to Meet You!

A short history of an ever-growing business

From the personalized jackets and club merch to the high-quality graduation stoles and sashes, we are the company behind some of the many items you may get at your college campus events! Learn more about the origins and history of CollegeWear, Inc. here!


From Lab Coats to Graduation Stoles

Before we were known as CollegeWear, Inc., we were known as ScienceAide, founded by at-the-time UC San Diego student, and now owner, Jaysond Miclat. Jaysond himself is a first generation immigrant from the Philippines, who was a pre-dental student at the university. Starting in 2008, his start-up ScienceAide created and sold Scratch Sheet, a reusable note taking tool, to students on campus at UCSD. After gaining recognition, Jaysond, alongside his brother Jeff, began to help with creating more than just custom lab coats and selling ScratchSheets. Friends and colleagues started requesting custom t-shirts for events, clubs, and more. Soon enough, ScienceAide dove head first into creating custom printed t-shirts and embroidered polos for various community and campus events.


Serving The Community

As our small business began to grow through word of mouth and partnerships with clubs and organizations at UC San Diego, Jaysond shifted the company’s focus and rebranded to what is known today as CollegeWear, Inc. in 2010. We now partner with groups and services ranging from STEM, Greek Life, Orientations, and Cultural Centers, as well as embracing the importance of inclusion and diversity within the growing communities they serve. Alongside that, we have expanded our offerings outside of lab coats and shirts, including notebooks, hats, sweaters, and of course, graduation stoles.

CollegeWear, Inc. is proud to assist colleges and universities both at a local and national level in the custom graduation stole and sash experience, being a notable provider for both wholesale stoles and custom stoles. Students have since then been able to rely on CollegeWear, Inc. to allow them to fully express their individuality and/or activities through custom graduation stoles and sashes. We’re here to help make your graduation experience special.

As we continue to grow, we strive to become more than just a custom products company, we aspire to be a pillar in the community, helping staff and students express themselves and create unity.


CollegeWear, Inc. Today

As college campuses, communities, and events closed and took to online and digital formats due to COVID-19, CollegeWear, Inc. made sure we were ready to meet the needs of the community during these challenging times. Since then, we have expanded our production to provide custom face masks for the community, allowing groups and individuals to stay safe and also continue to express themselves and the communities they are a part of.

Today, we continue to expand our services and offerings to continue to help communities feel together more than ever. Through this endeavor, CollegeWear, inc. has been hard at work improving the usability and accessibility of our design tools. Ensuring that designing and ordering custom products remains an easy and convenient experience for all customers. This year, we look forward to releasing a new apparel design app that will help clubs and organizations design custom shirts, sweaters, hats, and more.

We hope you’ve enjoyed learning more about us, and our mission to make sure that any and every individual and community has the access to quality custom products, no matter their background. CollegeWear, Inc. will continue to dedicate our time and service to help communities across the country with the belief that every custom product represents a journey, experience, group, or community.

Need custom products for your group or custom graduation stoles? Contact us today, we’re ready, and happy to help!