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Graduation, the day every student looks forward to and works hard for throughout their time while in school. But what many who haven’t graduated yet don’t realize is that – just like taking your classes – there’s a LOT of work that goes into it. From organizing family trips to your school, scheduling graduation photoshoots, and buying stoles to complete your graduation attire, it can be a lot for any student to handle.

Join us as we ask two of our CollegeWear, Inc. members who just recently graduated from university and learn what it was like to get ready for their big day! Plus, get some personal insight from them on what they had wished they could have done differently back when they were about to graduate.

Meet Our Representatives

Carolina Dacy is CollegeWear, Inc.’s Art & Account Specialist, and had graduated from San Diego State University in Fall 2018.

Justin Gamiao is the Community Engagement Representative, and graduated from University of California, San Diego during Spring of 2019.

“Did you purchase a stole?”

Carolina: Since I was the first in my family to attend graduation, I didn’t have much previous knowledge on what to buy, such as stoles. I did design a custom stole, which I got to wear for family pictures and during graduation.

Justin: Aside from the cap and gown, getting a stole was probably the most important, as it was the best accessory for any occasion. I got my university stole and my college stole (Sixth College), and used both for my photoshoots and the ceremony. I’m hoping to also frame them one day, since they’re more presentable to display over a cap and gown.

“What are some things people should know about getting a stole?”

Carolina: Don’t forget to iron it! The folds can become very obvious in pictures. Also, make sure to style your hair in a way that doesn’t cover any of the designs on your stole. You might also want to consider requesting a pocket in your stole if your gown doesn’t have one, just in case you need somewhere to store your phone and wallet.

Justin: When it comes to ordering stoles, don’t wait until the last minute. If you are planning on getting a personalized design for yourself or your organization, plan WAY in advance! I once tried to get a 15+ stoles made for my club nearly 2 weeks before graduation, and we ran out of time! Had I known they would take a lot of time and planning, I would’ve gotten them ordered 2-3 months in advance.

“What advice do you have for graduating students?”

Justin: If you have the time, money, and ability to walk at graduation, do it! You worked your butt off to get there, so it’s a great way to “end the chapter” of a big part of your life, and also just a nice way to look back at your college experience. Some other practical advice I have is that don’t be afraid to ask any friends or family if they have any graduation attire (such as a cap and gown) that you can borrow from them, especially if you are finding difficulty affording new ones. Plus, make sure you do your photoshoots early, and if you can, avoid weekends, since they tend to always be the busiest time for photoshoots. Think of interesting locations to take your photos at too, especially ones outside your camps.

Carolina: To add to that, if you’re a transfer student, you also shouldn’t miss out! There is a sense of camaraderie with your classmates and fellow transfer students. It was a fun time for all, no matter your educational journey. I would suggest you make sure to plan ahead, and also think about what you want to commemorate (whether it’s your major, your clubs, your identity, etc.). And if you’re unsure whether you want to attend graduation – just do it! You won’t regret it; it’s a great way to close your college experience.

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