General FAQ

  1. When can I expect my order?
    Standard delivery time is 2 weeks from art approval/payment. We do offer rush options as well, please contact us for that information!

  2. Can I order multiple t-shirt colors?
    Yes! As long as the art is kept the same for each shirt, you can order multiple t-shirt colors at a time.

  3. Are you licensed to print my school/fraternity/sororities logo or letters?
    We are officially part of GreekLicensing as well as CollegiateLicensingCompany and are licensed to print many greek organizations, colleges, and universities. If we do not currently have the particular license for your organization, we can easily acquire it to process your order. Each license is distinct and thus must be obtained individually, so new organizations we have never worked with before may not be in our catalog yet. Please contact us for more info!

  4. Is there a minimum order quantity?
    Screen printing – 12 pcs.
    Embroidery – 6 pcs.
    Promo Items – Please inquire

  5. Does CollegeWear provide bulk pricing?
    Yes! We do have different price breaks that will decrease the cost as you order higher quantities.

  6. Are prices affected by the number of colors in my art/design?
    Screen printing – Yes. The pricing will be depend on how many colors you have in your design since each color uses a unique screen.
    Embroidery – No. Embroidery pricing is not affected by the number of colors in your design.

  7. Does CollegeWear charge for shipping?
    We provide free shipping for every order here at CollegeWear (unless otherwise stated, i.e. large bulk orders). One of our CW Team Members will personally deliver your order if located in San Diego County.

  8. Does CollegeWear provide design assistance?
    Yes! Our graphic designers will help you create and revise your designs so that the end product is exactly the way you want it. (Art fee may apply to extremely complicated designs that take time to digitize)

  9. Does CollegeWear provide samples?
    Yes, if you would like to see a sample garment before ordering, just let us know and we’ll gladly provide you with some.

  10. Can I pay with PO?
    Yes! We do accept PO# as payment. 

  11. What is the order process like?
    First you receive a quote, then we will create an art proof for your order and send it over. Once we’ve received your art approval, we will then provide you with a payment link through your invoice or request PO#. Once payment is received, we will process your order and begin on production.

Artwork FAQ

  1. What kind of file type/specs are necessary for my art/design?
    .pdf, .png, .ai, .psd, .jpeg are all accepted. We prefer that your design is created as a vector at 300 dpi and not just enlarged to that size (that just gives us a blurry but bigger version of your image, doesn’t work). If you only have a .jpeg or .png, as big as possible is best! If it looks small on your monitor, it’s definitely too small for us to work with. 

    <Insert images here>

  2. My group drew our design by hand, can we send you the scanned image and have you digitize it for us?
    Of course! We will gladly digitize your drawing. We only charge an digitizing fee if the artwork is extremely large or complex.

  3. Can you match the colors in our design when you print our shirts?
    If you assigned Pantone PMS spot colors, we can definitely match your artwork colors. We use the Pantone library so if you have a particular color in mind, be sure to let us know! Otherwise we will do our best to personally match the colors in different lighting to get as close as possible. Complete matches cannot be guaranteed due to the differences in how various monitors display colors.

  4. Is there a fee for PMS matching?
    No, we do not charge a PMS matching fee for embroidery or screenprinting order. Certain promo items may require a PMS matching fee and if they do, you will be notified.

  5. How big can you print designs?
    For screenprinting, our maximum recommended sizes are as follows:
    Adult: 12″ wide x 16″ high
    Sleeves: 4″ wide x 12″ high

    Adult Hoodies with Kangaroo Pocket: 12″ wide x 10″ high
    Youth & Women’s Slim-Fit Shirts & Tank Tops: 9.5″ wide x 13″ high

    We currently do not have oversize printing available.

  6. Will my design look the same on different sizes?
    No. In relation to the rest of the garment, a design on a small sized shirt will look slightly smaller on a large sized shirt since the chest will be wider. 

  7. I have a revision for my art proof, who do I contact?
    Please reply to the art proof email you received with your revision. To eliminate a lot of back and forth, please try to condense your revision requests into one email. Want to see your design in both a green and purple ink version? That’s fine, just let us know in one email and we’ll send both your way!

  8. How do I know if my design will print legibly?
    Certain items, like promotional items such as pens, will usually have the design set to actual size in the art proof. You can print out the art proof and see in person what your design will look like! For other imprintable products, our graphic designers will let you know if certain elements are too small to print legibly.

  9. Is it possible to get shirts printed with the design in 2 different colors?
    Yes! We just charge a small ink-change fee for each color you’d like to switch to. For example, an order of shirts with half having a white ink design and the rest with black ink would require one ink change fee charged.

Embroidery FAQ

  1. What can you embroider on?
    Lots of different products! Jackets, polos, labcoats, blankets, towels, tote bags, hats, beanies, and more

  2. What kind of thread do you use?
    We use Madeira Rayon or Polyester thread. We use one or the other depending on the project but you can always let us know if you have a specific preference.

  3. Can you PMS match thread colors?
    The Pantone PMS system has such a large library of colors that some may not have a direct match in our embroidery thread catalog. We’ll always do our best to color match and view the threads in different lighting to pick a color that will work for your order. 

  4. How big can my embroidery be?
    Ideally, the biggest would be around 4″ to 5″ big in diameter. Please be aware of the small details in your design that may not be legible when embroidered at an ideal size. For example, a seal at 3″ big would look nice on a polo but small lettering may not be entirely legible. 

  5. What is your turnaround time for embroidered products?
    Our standard turnaround time is 2 weeks after art approval and payment have been received. We can also accomodate most rush orders so be sure to contact us with your in-hands date. We’d be happy to help! For rush orders: please be ready to submit product style, artwork, sizes/quantity, and due date.

  6. What determines embroidery cost?
    Unlike in screenprinting where each color is an additional cost, embroidery allows for full color or one color for the same price. What ultimately determines your cost is the number of stitches in your design. A personalized name written in a thin font will cost a lot less than a school crest with thick borders.

  7. What artwork file do I need to provide?
    You can send us anything from a scanned .JPEG of a hand-drawn design to a production ready .DST file. We’ll digitize your artwork for free or a small fee if required (usually for more time intensive designs) and get everything ready for production. Everything is upfront and will be reflected in your invoices before you purchase.

Shipping FAQ

  1. Is shipping really free?
    Our standard shipping & production turnaround is 100% free. You will get your order within 2 weeks. Of course, you can always opt for rush shipping for an additional fee.

  2. Where do you ship from?
    All in-house products are shipped from San Diego, CA.

  3. How will my products be packaged?
    Everything comes in a sturdy box, packaged by one of our team members back at the warehouse.

  4. Which shipping company do you utilize?
    Most of our orders are shipped with UPS but we also utilize USPS and FedEx for certain orders.

  5. Can I get my order shipped somewhere else, not my home?
    Yes, of course! We ship all the time to universities and their bookstores. Just let us know where you’d like to ship to and any special instructions you’d like us to be aware of.

  6. I live in San Diego county, are you able to deliver and not ship my package to me?
    We offer local delivery within San Diego for certain orders. If you are located on or near the campuses we regularly service, we can definitely drop off your package during one of our delivery runs! Please contact us for more info.

    COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES INCLUDED: UCSD, SDSU, USD, Miramar College, Palomar College, City College, Southwestern College

Payment FAQ

  1. I just approved my art proof, how do I pay for my order?
    You will receive another email requesting payment. You will go through the same invoice page and click a green “PAY … ” button to begin checkout.

  2. Can I pay using PO?
    Yes! Let us know the PO# and any other information your organization requires from us to enable PO payment. You can print out the invoice/art proof page we send you as the invoice for your order. Production will being after art approval and PO# or PO submittance confirmation is received. Some universities will give you a confirmation # acknowledging your PO is being processed. We can start your order using that as collateral before receiving the actual PO. Contact us for more info!

  3. Can I pay using check?
    Though not recommended, we can definitely accept your payment. Please take a picture of the check and email it to us before you send it out. Upon confirmation that we have received the check and art approval, we will then process your order.

  4. Can you separate my invoice into multiple, smaller invoices?
    Yes! If you have a transaction limit on your company card, we can definitely split your invoice into multiple payments and even send them to multiple people if needed. Just let us know! 

  5. I just paid using my credit card, will I receive a receipt?
    You will not receive an emailed receipt but you can return to your invoice page and print it out for your records. It will say “PAID” at the top, indicating your payment went through successfully.