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March 10, 2020 | By collegewearinc

Personalizing Your Graduation Stole to the Next Level

Design a stole just for you!

Designing and ordering a custom graduation stole or sash isn’t just for clubs, groups, or departments, you can order one custom designed stole JUST for yourself using the CW, Inc. Graduation Stole Design App

Here are some ways you can take advantage of our customization options to make a sash designed to be uniquely you, and help you stand out at your graduation ceremony!

And while you’re here, also checkout other stole customization tips and tricks you can apply right now!

Being Text Savvy To Personalize Your Stole

There is a lot more you can do than simply adding one line of text on your graduation stole! Here are some ways you can maximize text customizations:

  • Add more text! You aren’t just limited to 1-2 text boxes. You can add as many as you want, each with its own fonts, sizes, and orientations!
  • Depending on the font size, a text box can include multiple lines! We recommend up to 3 lines of text to keep the text readable.
  • You can move where the text goes by simply dragging the text around each stole panel. We recommend keeping all text somewhere between the center and the tip of the stole for maximum visibility (Long hair can get in the way of the design!).
  • You can move the text to a different side of the stole by clicking on the text and selecting the left, right, or even neck tabs!

Don’t limit yourself to “Class of 2020,” here are some ideas for personalized text!

    • Your name or family name
    • Your major
    • A small quote/life motto (ex. “Take the Risk,” “Dream Big,” “Live Your Life,” etc.)
    • Accomplishments (ex. “First Gen Grad,” “Chancellor’s Award,” “2020 Basketball MVP”, etc.)
    • And many more!

Adding or Requesting an Embroidered Flag for Your Stole

If you want to represent your cultural heritage or even display where you have studied abroad, embroidered flags are a great way to showcase such on your graduation stole/sash.

You can even add multiple flags and place them anywhere on the stole, whether it is to represent your multicultural identity or simply show some of the places you have traveled to during your college career!

We have over 50+ flags available. And the best part? We are adding new flags on a weekly basis! Don’t see a flag you want? Contact us and we will add it!

Using Your Own Logos to Create a Unique Stole

Don’t see your logo in our logo database on the design app? You can upload your own logos to be embroidered on the stole instead! Here are a few things to consider when choosing custom logos:

  • Make sure the image you are uploading is clear and has a transparent background. Remember, images logos!
  • You can upload a JPG, PNG, or GIF to preview the logo on the design app.
  • When placing your order, if you have the original AI, EPS, SVG, TIFF, PSD, or DST file of your logo, please email This ensures that your logo can easily be embroidered onto the stole!

If you don’t see your school’s logo in the design app, feel free to upload the logo yourself, and we will confirm the required licensing to reproduce it. Note that some official school logos can only be reproduced in approved school colors (meaning no bright green for a UC San Diego logo!). This is to ensure the design meets your school’s guidelines.

Here are some other logos you can add to personalize your graduation stole/sash:

  • Clubs/organizations logos
  • Major/department logos
  • Identity-based logos (ex. Gender, disability, sexual orientation, etc.)
  • Logos as decoration (ex. Music notes, hearts, stars, etc.)
  • Self-branding logos

Are you ready to make a stole just for you? Start designing today! Place your order soon to receive it just in time for graduation season!

Share your stole designs by tagging us @CollegeWearInc or using the hashtag #CollegeWearInc on social media! We would love to see what kinds of stoles you design and how you represent on graduation day!

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