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Custom Grad Stole Sales Programs Made For Your Group

Are you part of a Department, Greek Life, Student Organization, or a Club looking for a simple solution to handle Custom Graduation Stole orders for your group? 

The CollegeWear, Inc. Group Buy Program will help make your group's Custom Grad Stole purchase easier than ever.

How It Works: 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1:
Select your Partner Plan.

Review our four Partner Plan Tier Options below. Choose one or more that best suit your group or campus!

Step 2:
Design your stoles.

Use our Stole Design Tool to create the perfect stole(s) for your campus, group, or organization.

Step 3:
Share your stoles with your group.

We'll provide you with your Product Page or your Stole Site which you can share with your graduates so all students can purchase individually.​

Group Buy Options

Option 1
Single Product Page

Have you decided on a stole design but want to share it with your group so everyone can order a matching stole? We can set your group up with a Single Product Page so that all stoles ordered are uniform. You can simply share the product page link with your group and everyone will be able to order their custom stole and have it delivered to them directly. 


Great For: Clubs, Student Organizations, Departments

Option 2
Personalized Product Page

Does your club or student organization have officers that want their name and/or title embroidered on their grad stole? Our Personalized Product Pages are an easy way for graduates to get their personalized group stole.  

Great For: Student Groups requesting Title, Name, Field of Study, Flags & other limited personalizations

Option 3
Stole Storefront

Looking for a comprehensive solution to house all of your custom stole designs? We can set your group up with a Custom Stole Storefront to feature a variety of stoles to represent your departments, athletics teams, student organizations & greek life. 

Great For: Departments, Multi-Cultural Centers, Larger Student Organizations

Why our customers ♥ working with us.

Free Shipping

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Photoshoots and more

No Minimum Order

Order as you wish

Group Discounts

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