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Our Story

Founded in San Diego, CA, CollegeWear, Inc. actually started out as the company ScienceAide, founded by Jaysond Miclat. A pre-dental student at UC San Diego at the time, Jaysond sold custom lab coats and a product called Scratch Sheet, a reusable note taking tool he came up with to help his fellow classmates.

Jaysond’s experience with custom garments gained attention on campus and friends began asking for help with custom group t-shirts.

Eager to lend a hand Jaysond teamed up with his brother Jeff, and together they began helping other students create custom printed t-shirts and embroidered polos for campus events.

As the company grew, students and staff that worked with Jaysond referred new customers to what had become CollegeWear, Inc. In 2010 the company expanded beyond t-shirts and began selling more custom products, such as graduation stoles - products that help students and staff express themselves and their communities.

Today, we have over 20 team members dedicated to continue to help customers around the country with friendly personal service and the belief that every custom product represents a journey, experience, group or community.