January 6, 2020 | By collegewearinc

5 Custom Products to Start 2020 Off Right

New Year, New Products

Happy New Year! It’s that time of the year again, the time for making New Year’s Resolutions! We all know how daunting of a task it can be to start fulfilling your resolutions. But whether you are thinking about improving yourself or helping your club/department achieve their goals, here are some custom give-away products that will help!


1) For those trying to be more organized this year, try a custom spiral notebook!

Organization and time management are elements to not only your success in college, but also in life! Whether you are trying to balance your academics with your extracurriculars, or need help keeping track of your tasks at work, one of the best ways to organize the chaos is write things down! We offer a variety of custom spiral notebooks, great for jotting down notes, creating checklists, or even starting a bullet journal!


ECO Block Spiral Notebooks

4 colors available

Minimum order: 12pcs


We also offer: Embossed leather notebooks, soft cover notebooks, hard cover notebooks, and more!

2) Have a new gym membership? Don’t forget to stay hydrated with a custom water bottle!

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is to stay active or get fit. One of the biggest keys to getting fit and staying active is hydration! Level up your fitness resolutions and goals with custom water bottles!


20oz BPA Free Aluminum Bottles

10 colors available

Minimum order: 12pcs


We also offer: Water bottles with push cap, stainless steel insulated travel mugs, tumblers with straws, and more!

3) Hoping to be more environmentally friendly? Start with using a custom tote bag!



Sustainability is something to look out for in 2020! More organizations, businesses, and products are committed to zero-waste and environmentally-conscious products and services. You can do the same the next time you shop for your groceries or clothing. Consider custom tote bags to reduce the use of plastic and other non-environmentally friendly materials.


Cotton Canvas Totes

3 colors available

Minimum order: 12pcs


We also offer: Drawstring bags, beach tote bags, pocket tote bags, and more!

4) Avoid sick days - and the flu - with custom hand sanitizers!

If your resolution is to beat cold and flu season, it’s important to keep your hands clean! Miss fewer days of work, class, or outings with friends, and stay well with custom hand sanitizers. Perfect for any pocket, purse, or bag, you’ll always be prepared with clean hands for grabbing free food at that next event or shaking hands at the end of that next meeting.


Pocket Hand Sanitizer

Minimum order: 300pcs


We also offer: First aid kits, sun screen, lip balm, and more!

5) Last but not least...start looking towards the day you’ve been waiting for: Graduation!


Are you a graduating student? Or a student leader with a club full of seniors? Why not start planning ahead for the day you’ve been waiting for: Graduation! And no graduation day is complete with a beautifully designed custom graduation stole. Whether you want a completely unique design that’s tailored for you, or want one that represents your club, job, major, or identity, CollegeWear, Inc. has got you covered! Start designing yours today!


Custom Graduation Stole

Start your design today!

No minimum order


We also offer: Flag stoles, hybrid stoles, Greek life stoles, study abroad stoles, honors stoles, and more!


Kickstart Your 2020, start designing your custom products today!