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For many, where they are from, the family they grew up with, the places that influenced their life, or their cultural heritage can mean a lot to them. These factors are also a driving force in one’s college career, whether it’s celebrating your heritage and community through events, raising awareness, or honoring your family and traditions that helped you get where you are.

When planning for your college graduation ceremony, choose to celebrate your background and identity with custom cultural graduation stole or sash, available now from CollegeWear, Inc.

What is a Cultural Graduation Stole or Sash?

Cultural Graduation Stoles, also called a Cultural Graduation Sash, are the perfect way to represent or pay homage to one’s culture. We offer 3 types of cultural stoles and 10 different cultural tip fabrics you can add to your satin stole. Each stole is made with high quality, hand cut fabrics that represent a variety of cultures and backgrounds.

Choose from the following Cultural Stole or Sash Fabrics: Kente, Serape, or Native American

Or add on the following cultural fabric tips to the bottom of your Satin Stole or Sash: Asian, Asian-Pacific, Kente, Serape, or Native American.

How Can I Customize My Cultural Stole?

While you can simply wear a blank stole, we offer anybody with the ability to stand out from the rest through our various customization options!

CollegeWear, Inc.’s Stole Customization Tool allows you to represent your culture or heritage by mixing cultural fabrics, colors, cultural symbols, and more!

Add elements such as text, flag patches, greek symbols, and more to create a custom graduation stole that truly represents who you are. 

Here are some quick ideas to help you make your cultural stole uniquely you:

Remember: A little goes a long way! We strongly encourage you to keep your additions minimal and meaningful, so both your design and the intricate designs of the fabric shine through. If you have many elements that do not contrast well with each other, we recommend you create a satin stole with cultural fabric tips instead.

How Can I Customize with Cultural Tips? 

Cultural tip fabric is an add-on for satin stoles. These hybrid stoles are the best of both worlds! Mix and match your choice of satin body and trim colors for the top of the stole and select a cultural fabric that represents you to add to the tip. 
Cultural tips are a perfect way to represent your heritage and also highlight the other elements that made up your college career. From club names, symbols that represent your major, greek symbols, or a flag patch to represent where you studied abroad. The possibilities are endless! We highly recommend you read our tips on customizing your graduation stole, as well as ways you can take your personalizations to the next level.

Don’t see your identity represented in our current cultural stole offerings, but still want to represent your culture? We recommend checking out our Flag Stoles, as we offer 50+ flags to choose from!

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