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Graduating Class Wearing Cap and Gown and Stole

For college seniors around the country, graduation is right around the corner. Therefore, it’s time to decide whether or not you’ll want a graduation stole to compliment your graduation attire. In addition to a cap and gown, there are other adornments that you can wear in order to demonstrate your individuality as a student as well as your academic success throughout your college career.

So, before you dress up for graduation day, you might be wondering “What is a graduation stole?” and “Do I need a graduation sash for graduation?” Getting the answers to these questions can help you decide if a graduation stole is right for you and how to go about ordering a customized graduation stole in time for you to earn your degree.

What Is The Meaning Of A Graduation Stole?

If you look at pictures of graduates, you may notice that some of them have a colorful cloth that drapes around their shoulders. This is known as a graduation stole. It is a unique feature of a graduate’s outfit. But, what is does it mean, and is it something that you should be wearing on your graduation day?

A graduation stole demonstrates your academic achievements and/or your participation in an extracurricular activity on campus, such as a fraternity, sorority, a club, or some kind of professional organization. It could also simply represent the program you graduated from or your school’s color.

An example of a grad sash could be one that you would wear if you were valedictorian of your high school, or in college, a it can show that you had top marks in your class or belonged to an honor society. It can be a way to show a leadership position on campus, or the fact that you belonged to Greek life.

If you meet this criteria in any way, then chances are, there is a one for you. A graduation sash not only shows others that you are a distinguished scholar, but it is a way to give yourself credit for your achievements and dedication to your extracurriculars throughout your college years. When you look back on your graduation pictures, this keepsake will remind you of all that you have accomplished and all that you have to be proud of.

Who Can Wear a Graduation Stole?

Are you involved in some type of organization at your school, or maybe you have exceptionally good grades? Do these things mean that you are automatically eligible to wear a graduation stole? And are you absolutely required to wear it during your graduation ceremony?

The short answer is that anyone can order one and wear it. If you’re not sure if wearing a sash for your graduation ceremony is required you can always ask your advisor, your peers, or your organization to make sure its appropriate and if so, to get some pointers on what type of stole is best for you.

What’s the Difference Between a Stole, Sash, and Cord?

When it comes to graduation attire, you may have heard of a graduation stole, a graduation sash, as well as a graduation cord. But, what are the differences among these three things, and how can you be sure that you will be wearing all the appropriate materials as you step up to get your degree? Or, rather, that you’re not wearing anything that’s not exactly meant for you?

Now that you understand the meaning of a graduation stole, you may also sometimes hear a graduation stole being referred to as a graduation sash. That’s because a graduation stole and a graduation sash are actually the same thing. While a sash may refer to something that goes across the body instead of draping around the shoulders, in this case, a graduation stole and a graduation sashes are worn the same way, but the words can be used interchangeably.

However, a graduation stole and a graduation sash are quite different from a graduation cord, though they are often sometimes confused as well. Though graduation stoles and graduation cords essentially serve the same purpose — demonstrating your academic achievements or commitment to a certain organization — a graduate can wear multiple graduation cords, but only one graduation stole. This is important when it comes time to pick and design your own graduation stole.

Different Types of Graduation Stoles

Because a graduate can only wear one graduation stole, it’s helpful to know the different types of graduation stoles that are out there. Depending on what you’re hoping to represent with your graduation stole, you can usually choose from a whole array of different options:

There are also stoles of gratitude, which is a graduation stole that’s worn in order to say “thank you” to a person or a group who supported you (usually financially) throughout college. For instance, a person or organization who has given you a scholarship, a coach, a mentor, or even a parent or family member Typically, stoles of gratitude are worn during the commencement, and then gifted to the honoree after you earn your degree.

If you’re having a hard time deciding which stole to get, the best plan of action would be to get a customized graduation stole, so that you can include all the colors, symbols, names, dates and anything else you’d like to include on it, without leaving anyone or anything out.

What Do Different Graduation Colors Mean?

Though there are dozens of different types of graduation stoles to choose from (especially if you choose to design your own graduation stole) the first step is to understand what different graduation colors and symbols mean. Although, these days, you can essentially do whatever you’d like, there are some standard colors and symbols that are common according to The Classroom, if you need a basis to start from:

  • White: Humanities, Arts, English, etc.

  • Beige: Business

  • Green: Medicine, Pharmacy and Physical Education

  • Orange: Engineering

  • Brown: Fine Arts and Architecture

  • Gray: Husbandry and Veterinary Science

  • Light Blue: Education

  • Pink: Music

  • Purple: Law

  • Yellow: Science and Mathematics

  • Dark Blue: Philosophy and Political Science

What Else Can I Include on a Graduation Sash?

At CollegeWear Inc. you don’t need to choose one color to represent your major as the base color for your graduation stole, though you certainly can if you’d like. Otherwise, you get ideas about how to customize your own by browsing through various design examples.

A graduation sash can feature anything from Greek letters and colors to show what sorority or fraternity you are in, or the name of your supporter for your stole of gratitude. You could put a quote or a saying, the date of your graduation, or the initials of your school or academic program. Or, you can choose from different materials, designs, and graduation sash embroidery to give your graduation stole a personal touch. You can even choose a flag graduation stole.

For example, if you are from Mexico, then perhaps you’d like to customize a Mexican Flag stole or design a custom serape stole. Or, if you studied abroad in the Philippines, for instance, you could get a Filipino graduation stole. If you are graduating from an African American Studies program, you may want to design a graduation sash with African themes or a sash made of kente fabric.

How to Design and Order a Custom Grad Sash

Finally, it’s time to get your graduation stole! Customizing your own graduation stole is fast and easy and can be delivered to you in as quick as two weeks, but you’ll want to give yourself some time to come up with your design and to upload any accompanying pictures. Once you have an idea in mind, creating your graduation sash won’t take long. Best of all, we deliver for free to your campus, so no need to run home to pick yours up before graduation. Ordering for a group? We even offer bulk pricing discounts!

Designing your graduation stole is easy. Just visit our design app and follow the steps. Start by choosing your base, whether it’s a flag, a your choice of different colored satin, or cultural fabric. (Keep in mind that you might want your sash and cords to match your cap and gown.) Next, choose the text, any logo you’d like and thread colors, as well as where you’d like those features positioned on the graduation sash in relation to your neck and shoulders. When you’re finished, selected your preferred delivery date, pay, and your order is complete!

Blank stoles start at as low as $40 a piece, and any features added to your stole can range from $9 to $15. This means you can get a beautiful, customized graduation stole for as low as $49!

Graduation is just around the corner. Don’t wait! Customize your own now, and create not just memories but a keepsake that will last a lifetime. Click here to design yours sash now or contact us to help you get started.