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2024 Spring Update:
New Flag Stoles, Flag Patches, Logos, Greek Crests, and More!

Happy Spring, current and future graduates! Jump into the spring season by ordering your custom graduation stole, in time for your upcoming 2024 graduation! We are excited to share with you some of the many new offerings for your custom stole, as well as a refreshed look to our classic web tool!

A Brand New Look

We’ve revamped our online Stole Design Tool! There’s a fresh new coat of paint, but don’t worry, our redesign aims to provide a smoother experience creating and designing the perfect custom graduation stole that represents and celebrates your identity.

Please note: Our newly updated custom stole design tool is still in beta! If you are having trouble with it, or notice any bugs, please let us know here.

Introducing 90° and 270° Text Options!

Want to take your custom stole design to the next level? You can now rotate any text 90° and 270° Degrees!

This is a stylish and unique way to write the name of your major, your university, your organization, and more!

More Flag Stoles Now Available!

At CollegeWear, Inc., it is very important for us to create an inclusive graduation experience for all graduates. We are happy to share that this year we’ve added a selection of new flag stoles! Whether it’s to represent where you are from, where you have lived, or wanting to create a more meaningful representation of yourself on your big day, we hope you are able to do so with our new selection of flag stoles!

Our new selection of flag stoles include: Dominican Republic, Guam, Jamaica, Morocco, Nigeria, Puerto Rico

We are striving to add more flag stoles with our next major update, and we value all the feedback and suggestions you have for our current and future designs. If there is a flag stole you do not see, please let us know! You can also add one of our many flag patches we have available as an alternative!

More Flag Patches Added!

In addition to our new flag stoles added, we also added over 30+ flag patches to our selection! From countries, to U.S. territories, to a wider array of Pride flags, there are so many new ways to represent your identity and your journey with your custom graduation stole!

There is – quite literally – too many to list out alone on this post without having to make you scroll for too long. You can, however, view every patch we have available via our 2024 Stole Catalog!

More Logos To Choose From!

We’ve updated our selection of logos, icons, and decorative icons to add to your custom graduation stole! Logos are a great way to add a bit of personalization to your design, and make your stole uniquely yours.

Want to represent the sport(s) you played during your time at school, be it varsity, intramural, or just for fun? Add a sports logo – from basketball to surfing to golf, we’ve got you covered!

Want to represent your major and/or minors from college? Add a logo from our “Field of Study” collection – from biology, to music, to psychology, and more!

Looking to just make your stole look aesthetically pleasing? Select from our many Nature and Decorative logos, including flowers, laurels, stars, and more!

Don’t see a logo you want? No worries! You can always add them yourself by uploading them as a custom logo.

Please note: If you are looking for officially branded school or university logos, please check here to see if your school is partnered with CollegeWear, Inc. If so, we recommend designing your stole using their partner page to gain access to the stoles. Uploading their official logos as a custom logo may be subject to evaluation based on school branding guidelines. Please contact us for more details.

New Ways To Represent Your Sorority & Fraternity!

Our selection of Greek crests has expanded! If you are in Greek life, elevate the design of your custom stole by adding official Greek crests to your stole! We have over 20+ fraternities and sororities we’ve partnered with to allow you to use their elegant crests on your design.

In addition to our new crests, we also included the option to use lowercase Greek letters, a subtle and fun way to represent your Greek organization or chapter! (Or, if you want to add a calculus equation. We won’t judge.)

New crests include: Alpha Phi, Alpha Tau Omega, Delta Chi, Delta Delta Delta, Delta Gamma, Delta Tau Delta, Kappa Alpha Theta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Kappa Sigma, Lambda Theta Alpha, Phi Delta Epsilon, Phi Sigma Ro, Pi Beta Phi, Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Sigma Chi, Sigma Lambda Gamma, Sigma Nu, Sigma Phi Epsilon, Sigma Pi, Zeta Beta Tau

Don’t see your Greek crest! You can also upload them yourself as a custom logo! Feel free to also let us know if you want your Greek crest added!

Introducing: South Asian Gold Hybrid Tips!

We now offer South Asian Gold Hybrid Tips, available for satin stoles. This is a great and beautiful way to represent your background the way you want it to look!

Please note: The South Asian Gold Hybrid Tip preview may vary from the final product!

What’s Next For CollegeWear, Inc.?

We do our best to add new features, customizations, and options based on your requests! However, please note that with graduation season fast approaching, we may not be able to fulfill all requests and suggestions that come in.

Ready to start designing your custom graduation stole for the upcoming Spring 2024 graduation season? Start designing now!

You can review every customization option for your graduation stole in our 2024 Stole Catalog!

See if your school has officially partnered with us to gain access to officially branded logos and templates to design with for your stole!

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