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Graduation Prep Checklist.
Everything You Need to Know Before Your Big Day

Calling all students, staff, and faculty!

It’s that time of year again! Excited for graduation but not sure how to get prepare? Check out our list below! It’s never too early to start getting ready.

Students, have you:

  • Applied for graduation?
  • Ordered your cap and gown?
  • Ordered your CollegeWear, Inc. personalized graduation stole that represents your background so you can showcase your identity and accomplishments to all of your friends and family during graduation?

Departments, have you:

  • Planned your department graduation ceremony?
  • Directed your students as to what is needed for graduation?
  • Ordered Custom Graduation Stoles for your department’s graduates to wear so they can forever cherish the memory of their experience in your program?

Campus Stores, have you:

  • Planned your Graduation Events?
  • Coordinated graduation regalia distribution?
  • Ordered your CollegeWear, Inc. Custom Graduation Stoles to sell in store leading up to Graduation?

Whoever you are on campus, Custom and Personalized Graduation Stoles from CollegeWear, Inc. will let graduates stand out at Commencement. For departments and Campus Stores, be sure to also check out our Partnership Programs for a fresh, hassle-free approach for students to acquire these keepsake mementos. We can’t wait to help you and your students celebrate your communities and identity!