Graduating soon? Order your custom stole today!

Are you a president of a club full of graduating seniors? Work at an academic department? Just looking for a unique way to memorialize your college achievements?

Look no further than CollegeWear, Inc.’s Stole Design App! Whether you want a beautifully detailed one, or a very simple look, the possibilities are endless! And the best part? Anybody can learn how to use it and make the graduation stole they are looking for – no design knowledge needed!

Here are some important tips for designing a custom graduation stole from scratch!

Customizing Your Text

Whether adding your class graduation year, your major, your position in a club, or even your own name, there are many ways you can make your stole look unique!

1) Direction: You aren’t limited by plain, horizontal text on the stole! You can customize the direction of the text, including vertical and diagonal text!

2) Font: Choose from a variety of preset fonts, including Times New Roman, Helvetica, and Script MT.

3) Font Size: Depending on the length of the text, the font size will have limits on how big they can be, so that they can still fit on the stole.

Adding Your Logo/Seal

Our stole app provides a variety of preset college logos and military seals for easy access! You can even add more than one!

Don’t see your logo/seal? You can also upload your own logo! View a preview of what your logo would look like on your stole by uploading a JPG, PNG, GIF formats. Once you complete your order, a team member will reach out to you if higher quality images or different file types (AI, EPS, SVG, PSD, etc.) are needed for production.

Greek Letters vs. Greek Crest

Similar to adding a logo/seal, our app includes a variety of preset Greek letters and crests!

Custom Greek letters for your stoles can be chosen from the drop down menu. Additionally, if you want to include the chapter, we have options for that as well! Plus, the direction and size of the text can be modified to your liking.

Flag Patch vs. Flag Stole

Are you an International Student? Did you study abroad? Or do you want to represent your culture? We offer over a wide variety of flag patches that can be added to your stole!

Flag Patch: Patches are much smaller and more subtle, and can be added to any kind of stole type. You can also adjust where it goes on the stole, and still add text, logos, and other elements around them.

Flag Stole: Flag stoles are an entirely different stole type altogether (that you choose at the first step of the app), in which the design of the flag encompasses the entire stole. You can order the stole as is, or customize it even further by adding text, logos, patches, and Greek letters, and more!

Placement Tips

Clicking on any element on the stole allows you to drag and move it to wherever you want. It’s traditional to have elements such as text, logos, seals, etc. to be somewhere between the center and the tip of the stole.

We highly recommend avoiding placement of elements any higher than the center of the stole (as seen in the teal box above), as that area of the stole can easily get covered up by long hair!

Designing A Hybrid Stole

You may have seen some images floating around of satin stoles with a tip made out of completely different fabrics. We call those hybrid stoles!

If you’re interested in a more subtle way of representing your identity on a stole, we highly recommend making a hybrid stole. Choose from a variety of tip threads, including Asian, Pacific Islander, Kente, Native American, Pride, and more. Each tip will span the lower quarter of the stole, allowing you to still choose and customize the colors and elements that go on the satin portion of the stole.

Plus, all other customization options, such as text, logos/seals, patches, and Greek letters are still available for this style of stole, and can even be placed on the tip itself!

Hybrid stoles are a beautiful way of representing multiple identities or organizations into one, deeply personal stole.

Feeling inspired? Start designing today! It’s never too early to place an order. Stole production takes a long time – if you plan on ordering more than one stole, we highly recommend you place your order soon!

Share your stole designs by tagging us @CollegeWearInc or using the hashtag #CollegeWearInc on social media! We would love to see what kinds of stoles you want to represent when you graduate!

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